Of the three pillars that found our fraternity, the pillar of friendship can be demonstrated by the social activity of our chapter. Walking through libraries and dining halls, you can often find members studying and eating together. Furthermore, our members live together, travel together, and sustain lifelong friendships through the fraternity.

Every Spring, Alpha Phi Omega attends the UVa traditions of the Foxfield Races and Beach Week in Myrtle Beach. Within the fraternity lies traditions unique to other organizations on grounds.

APO Members are placed in different families each semester, where a group of 2-3 older Members help to guide their little, a New Member, through their New Member Education. Families see each other often to do things like grab dinner on the corner, go to Jump Cville, or go bowling. While families change every semester, Bigs and Littles often become close friends for the rest of their time in APO and beyond.

Spring Break 2015 in New Orleans

In the Spring of 2015, 32 brothers of the Theta chapter traveled south to New Orleans during Spring Break, a tradition that has happened almost every Spring since right after Hurricane Katrina in 2006. What began as an effort to aid in reconstruction after the storm is now an effort to provide the city with the tourist volunteers the local nonprofits rely on. The Theta chapter partnered with Camp Restore to complete roughly thirty hours of service throughout the week. During their time in New Orleans, brothers:

  • Sorted Mardi Gras beads for an organization that recycles and sells donated Mardi Gras beads and gives its profits to local food banks, while making an effort to many adults with disabilities.
  • Planted trees in areas where Katrina destroyed local vegetation due to saltwater intrusion.
  • Worked with Dress for Success and the Women’s Shelter
  • Walked dogs and made repairs at the local animal shelter

The 32 brothers resided in the India House hostel and spent their free time exploring the greater New Orleans area. Some social activities included:

  • Taking a swamp tour to see alligators, wild hogs, and snakes.
  • Attending live jazz shows on Bourbon and French Streets.
  • Playing music with International travelers at the hostel.
  • Visiting the Alpha Phi Omega Chapter at Tulane University.
  • Walking through historic graveyards.
  • Shopping and exploring in the French Quarter

Theta will be returning to New Orleans during the 2016 Spring Break to continue its mission of going beyond the community and serving the nation.