Letter from the Rush Chair

Lisa Chen (rush chair) photo

Power Washers and Power Women. One of my favorite projects at Bellair Farm last semester! I’m 2nd from the right with the white paint on my pants.


My name is Lisa and I’m the Rush Chair for APO this semester (Fall 2018). I’m a 4th year Biomedical Engineering major, and I pledged APO in the Fall of 2016 during my 2nd year. I’m excited you’re interested in APO!

Info Sessions for Fall 2018 will be Thursday 10/25, Friday 10/26, and Tuesday 10/30. Our Fall 2018 Rush will last from Thursday, November 1st to Monday, November 12th. Within that time span, you’ll get a chance to serve Charlottesville and meet our brothers and pledges. Rush will be a good snapshot of what APO at UVA is like on a weekly basis. So as much as this is an opportunity for us to get to know you, we also want to make sure you experience being a member of APO and can decide for yourself if this organization is right for you.

As a rushee, you will be required to attend five events: two Saturday service projects (three hours each), one midweek service project (1-2 hours each), one theta date (2 brothers/pledges and 2 rushees hang out), and one fellowship (themed events where ~15 brothers/pledges/rushees will do some activity together). There will be many options for each type of event and you can pick the time that fits with your schedule. Unfortunately, because of our commitment to having a close community and maintaining a high quality of service, we are unable to offer a bid to everyone who rushes. If you do receive a bid, you will pledge during the Spring of 2019.

If you have further questions about rush or APO, please email me at We are so excited to get to know you!

In Leadership, Friendship, and Service,

Lisa Chen- Rush Chair



Info Sessions: Wilson 301 for two sessions: 10/25 (5-6pm) and 10/26 (5-6pm). Physics 203 for one session: 10/30 (6-7pm).

Rush Info Sheets Due: Saturday, November 3rd at 11:59 PM

Rush: Thursday, November 1st to Monday, November 12th

Rush Information Sheet

This will be due on Saturday, November 3rd at 11:59 PM. Fill it out here!

Rush Requirements

To be rush active you must attend the following five events:

2 Saturday Projects

1 Midweek

1 Theta Date

1 Fellowship

If you are having trouble making the scheduled Saturday Projects, we will have alternative events to help you out! You will receive access to sign-ups for all of these events once you fill out the rushee info sheet, but you can contact with any additional questions.