Letter from the Recruitment Chair


Hello Friends!

My name is Darynha and I’m the Recruitment Chair for APO this semester (Fall 2020). I’m a 4th year majoring in Youth and Social Innovations, and I joined APO in the Fall of 2018 with the APriLF∞1S (affectionately known as the “Fools”) class. I’m so excited you’re interested in APO!

Membership Recruitment is one of the most important parts of our Chapter’s functions. Additionally, it signals a breath of new life in Theta, with an incoming group bringing in a new depth of perspectives so that we can begin to rethink the ways in which we would traditionally engage in our work. 

Our Fall 2020 Recruitment Cycle will last from Wednesday, October 7th, 2020 to Wednesday, October 28th, 2020 and will take place VIRTUALLY via Zoom. This means that you DO NOT have to be physically in Charlottesville to participate in Recruitment this semester. Within that time span, you’ll get a chance to serve Charlottesville and meet our Members. Recruitment will be a good snapshot of what APO at UVA is like on a weekly basis. So as much as this is an opportunity for us to get to know you, we also want to make sure you experience being a member of APO and can decide for yourself if this organization is right for you! If you are interested in learning more about APO, I invite you to watch this brief video (APO Overview) that hopefully gives you an overview of our organization.

As a Potential New Member, you will be required to attend 7 events*: 
      • 1 Recruitment Overview Info. Session (~45 minutes)
        • Wednesday, October 7th, 2020 [6:30-7:15PM or 7:30-8:15PM EST]
        • If you missed this event, please email the Recruitment Chair.
      • 1 Saturday Projects (~ 3 hours)
      • 1 Midweek Project (~1-2 hours)
      • 1 Fellowship (~1 hour)
      • 1 ThetaDate  (~1 hour)
      • 1 Service Learning Session  (~45 minutes)
      • 1 Service Debrief Session  (~1 hour)

*The requirements itself and credits for attendance of these events can be modified at the discretion of the Recruitment Chair at any time.

There will be many options for each type of event and you can pick the time that fits with your schedule. 

Additionally, for the first time in recent Theta history, our Chapter has decided that we will forgo our Selective/Closed Recruitment system and switch to an Open Recruitment system this semester. What this means is that any student of UVA who has filled out the Potential New Member Info Sheet and fulfilled our Recruitment Requirements will be offered a formal invitation to join our organization as a New Member. They will begin their New Member Education journey starting in the Spring 2020 Semester. 

To officially register for our Fall 2020 Recruitment, you must complete the Potential New Member Info Sheet by Monday, October 12th, 2020 at 11:59PM EST. 

If you have further questions about rush or APO, please email me at We are so excited to get to know you! 

Yours in Leadership, Friendship, and Service,

Darynha Gnep | Fall 2020 Recruitment Chair


Why Open Recruitment this Semester?

Most importantly, we are still in the middle of a global pandemic that disproportionately affects Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities. In addition, this pandemic has exacerbated the many issues that were already present in today’s society. While we see ourselves as the do-ers of service, we must also understand that it is our job to build community around that. Community is something that is small yet expansive. We cannot be an organization whose Cardinal Principles are Leadership, Friendship, and Service yet also creating barriers of access.

It is the job of the Theta Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega to ensure that we support our members in any way that we can; therefore, there should not be any prerequisite, or favorable skills/ideals, that we should be looking for during this entire process. Everyone has something worthy to bring to the table, and we will not only make a space for them, but we will decenter ourselves and give them that space in our organization to do so. This is the philosophy in which we will hold close as we engage in this Open Recruitment process. 

Cost to Participation in Recruitment?

There is no associated cost for participating in Recruitment. To remove any financial barriers in the participation of Recruitment, we have historically provided most or all of the supplies for it. For any Fellowships and ThetaDates that might require supplies (i.e. paint, canvases, friendship bracelets, yarn, etc.), I will be making sure that all event attendees will get access to it whether that be by contactless pick-up/drop-offs or by mail.  This will require us to plan ahead of time, but we will continue to ensure that any financial barriers that are present will be removed.

Extenuating Circumstances

If time-zones and/or access to reliable internet is an issue, or if there’s anything else that is an obstacle towards an Potential New Members’s ability to complete their questionnaire on time, or engage with this process in its entirety, please have me ( as soon as possible.  I will work with everyone to make sure that we are as accommodating as possible.